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He starts painting in 1998, always ready to learn and investigate new fields and new techniques of graphic expression. He currently uses oil painting, though part of his work is based on a mixed technique, tempera, acrylic on cardboard, wood or canvas.

In his imaginary urban landscapes there are overlaid elements of towns he has visited, some imagined, and maybe dreamed, but all with a unique feminine soul.
The Town is a mother, lover, or daughter of the actions, dreams and passions of those who dwell in them or recall them in the distance. It is an idea in which wander those who have been caught up in its infinite labyrinth.
"I think that since Art is an activity essentially human, it is difficult to separate it from thinking and feelings, form our own life."

The author proposes a trip through the Town, seen from the traveller's point of view, through his own experiences, recollections and dreams. "I invite you to walk through the roads of this town, always unreal and often so close to us, so that you can bring to it your own view - the most important element. Transcend the limits of what is evident, help to build it, even though you only know that you have been here and have felt it".

New works will see the light, born out of other journeys and experiences.

Carlos Pardo's painting shows us a figurative, though speculative, form of expression in which the town, the real protagonist of his paintings, becomes an autonomous plastic element, surreal and metaphysical. Its anonymous inhabitants, and especially its mysterious women, are part of its hectic movement or are silent, dazed spectators of its enormity; they are part of the spell.
The forms are distorted by emotion, the use of arbitrary colours mainly warm ones, a free brush stroke which does not renounce to some decorativism (Art-Deco stream), the asymmetry, some times the darkness and at other times the light backgrounds, or the intentional playing with spaces... they remind us of influences like Bosch, El Greco or Goya or others closer to us, like Romanticism, (Friedrich), Modernism (Ramón Casas, Klimt), Fauvism and Expressionism. Using these as starting points, the artist creates his own language, which is in constant development through research and evolution.
M. Vázquez Critics & Soul

Art review:
"It's pleased to contemplate again the artwork of Carlos Pardo, an artwork where the Town and Woman seem to take on absolute importance. The cityscape of the author entices us to go for a walk across a grey and deeply northern Town where the portico streets, wrought iron or wooden bay windows, the modernist cafes evoke an already past time but alive thanks to their inhabitants who we can see constantly coming and going from one end to other in the rush not typical of a little city but of a very big town. The town of Carlos Pardo is a metaphor of the anxiety and loneliness of the nowadays urban inhabitant…it's worth the journey".

Joaquín Menéndez Flores. Art Critic. Madrid

International Artist
Carlos is a prolific artist, with dozens of paintings reminiscent of Spanish sunsets. These are romantic cityscapes with an edge of intelligence, dramatic emotions painted with coolness. His perspective is often from a distance, rendered with watery shapes and warm colors -- his work is perfect for salons and cafes around the world. Carlos' work was recently featured in a solo show at CafeTeArte in Madrid.

Katherine Benke
Art Consultant, Insight Art Connection. Colorado USA Thursday, September 20, 2007




Year Solo Exhibitions:
1995 Claudia Antique Shop in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. Argentina. "The Tango World". Drawings & Aquarelles.
1999 Café Rock .Santiago de Compostela. Café El Hispano. La Coruña.
2001 Brewery O Grifón and Official School of Languages of Pontevedra. Restaurant "A Mandrágora". Pontevedra.
01,03,04 Café Pepa Loba. Cultural meeting point. Santiago de Compostela.
2002 Café da Fala and Café Bizarre. Vigo
04,06 Casal de Folgueiras. Famous touristic rural inn. Meis Pontevedra.

Alliance Française of Vigo 11.06/01.07
Café Té Arte, Madrid 16/04-20/07
ADA Gallery Sanxenxo. 11/07-01/08

2008 Café Té Arte, Madrid (December-January)

Café Plaza, Verín, Ourense,Spain 7/09-31/10


Hotel Restaurante,Quinta de San AmaroMeaño (Pontevedra) 1/04 – 24/05/10
ARQUINATURA, Santiago de Compostela

Café Plaza Verín Spain


"The travelling Yeti" Magazine, Ohio,USA. April Issue.

Club del Café, Pontevedra. 13.05 / 31.07 2011

2012 Café Babel, "Drawings" Santiago de Compostela (Spain) 5.06/31.07.2012


  Group Exhibitions:
1997 "Rock Assault" artists of Arousa
1998 "FEXDEARTE": Galician artists
1999 El Zoco Art Gallery. Pontevedra

"Bocetos" Books, Library & Fine Arts, La Coruña./Supermercado del Arte. American Prints. La Coruña y Zaragoza

00-05 Galería Jovenart. Madrid. Seleceted for permanent fund
2005 VI FAIM Fair of Independent Art Madrid.
06 Valarte Group of Monterrey Artists, Orense, Spain. Exhibitions in the province of Orense and Portugal

2010 Project Smile,  Marek Wysoczyński Gdansk, Poland

2010 Caritarte, Caritas Arousa, Ayuntamiento Vilagarcía


2000 January Opening of his personal Site in Internet:

Carlos Pardo's works are present in private collections both in Spain and abroad: Malta, Belgium, France, Portugal, USA or Argentina.

2004 June Opening his own Studio

2006 Agreement with Insight Art Connection, Alamosa, Colorado, USA 2007

Agreement with Souto Gallery Ourense and Vigo, Spain.

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