CV Occupation: Artist, Illustrator, komiksmeyker, interior designer Nickname: Vitaly Creative activity: Illustrating a number of children's books, four solo art exhibition, co-author and illustrator of Superbook "Bitlzterapiya" comic book series on the history of the "Beatles", a 28-Realization own projects restaurants, art cafes and nightclubs (Uzbekistan, Russia) Achievements: winner, comics, conducted by the magazine "Student Meridian" (1991), Fellow of the International Fund of George Soros (2002), author of the project art restaurant "Salvador Dali" considered the best for a design plan nightlife of the city of Tashkent (2006-2009 gg.) Acquisition of 2 paintings by David Beckham and President of the Asian Football Confederation Muhammad Bin Hammam (2002), the placement of "Bizlzterapiya" among the exhibits of John Lennon Tokyo (2006) Lives in Dnepropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovs'Ka Oblast ', UkraineMuzhskoy
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