Behind The Brush

Pierre Bourque - Philosophy
"Art is life ... secure and serene and timeless ... unaging in the turmoil of politics or international affairs ... independent of praise or blame ... it lives when its spirit recreates the mind of its lover". - J.B. Neumann, Founder, New Art Circle

​As celebrated artist Richard Serra told Charlie Rose  .. "You're not going to dismantle the master's house by using the master's tools .. You're not going to build art out of the art store .. you have to invent your own tools and your own procedures".

While I've been painting (and continue to paint) with oil and brush on canvas since the early '80's, lately I've been working with the tools of technology at my disposal, including my Mac laptop and my iPhone, which has an App I found online that lets me take or upload an image from which I "paint" the very unique works you find here.

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Current Show

Solo Presentation of Recent Works

Chilmark Library

Martha's Vineyard, MA

May 4 - May 30, 2013

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