Yury Iuzenkov was born in Kostroma in 1963. He studied in the art school. Graduated from the Kostroma State N.A.Nekrasov University. From 1987 to 1997 - teacher of painting and graphics in Krasnoselsky College of Artistic Processing of metals, where he headed the Commission of painting. Since 1997 he has been a teacher of painting at KSTU (Jewelry Design Major).

        1990 - member of the Association of young artists and art critics at the Union of artists of Russia. 2013 - became member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (International Federation of Artists). Participated in city, regional and zonal exhibitions. Some of the works has been exhibited in Moscow's galleries . In 2007- a personal exhibition «Painting. Graphics» (The Krasnoselsky Museum). Summer of 2012 - a personal exhibition «The World of pastel» (The Municipal art gallery of Kostroma). March 2013 - a personal exhibition «Blue colours of Kostroma» (The City Administration). June 2013 - a personal exhibition of portraits «My friends» (The Regional house of folk creativity). July 2013 - participation in the regional exhibition of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia «Dreams on the Volga». September 2013 — a personal exhibition «Watercolor»(The Regional house of folk creativity).April 2014 - a personal exhibition «The oil painting» (The City Administration). September 2014 - a personal exhibition «Pastel» (The Regional house of folk creativity). November 2014 - a personal exhibition "Other apparel"- costumed portrait (The Regional house of folk creativity). 

        Works are in museums of Kostroma region, as well as in private collections in Russia and in the other countries . Since 1996 he has been a stage designer at the national theatre «Polynomial». He gives the lessons in graphics, painting and sculpture in his Studio.

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