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 A modern Ukrainian artist, lives and works in Kiev.
For many years of creative work he mastered various techniques of fine art, he creates series of works in various artistic directions.
     His work is taken away to the bright original world, which he created on the border of reality and fantasy, filled with optimism. Mature craftsmanship, impeccable sense of color is combined in them with childlike sincerity.
    Recently, Alexander has been propagating his original style in painting, which he developed in an evolutionary way. The author called it ARTNET and considers it a new style of the 21st century.

 Breskin Alexander Fedorovich
He was born in 1947 (North Korea)
In 1955 he came to Kiev (Ukraine)

Children's art school.
 Kiev Art School (graduated in 1974)
Private art studio artist Yu. Malishevsky (7 years)

Member of the Kiev Union of Artists of the book.
Member of the Professional Union of Graphic Artists of Kiev
Participated in many creative projects:
2017-Personal exhibition in the History Museum of Kiev, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of his birth
 2015 - participation in the exhibition in the Museum of the History of Kiev, dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of the prince
 2015 - Ukrposhta issued postal envelopes with a picture of A. Breskin
              "Revolution of Dignity"
2010 - personal exhibition of paintings and graphics in the Museum of History of Kiev
2009 - a set of postcards "My friend felt-tip pen" with author's drawings
2007 - a personal retrospective exhibition at the Kiev Museum of Cultural Heritage,
            Dedicated to the 60th anniversary of his birth and the 35th anniversary of his creative activity
            Author. Painting, graphics, design, textiles.
2004 - participation in the final exhibition of the International Biennial in the Museum "Majdanek", Poland
2004 – uchastiye v itogovoy vystavke mezhdunarodnogo biyenale v Muzeye «Majdanek»,Pol'sha
1998 – uchastiye v mezhdunarodnom konkurse emblemy «Goroda-pobratimy», g. Kioto,
1988 – pervaya premiya gorodskogo konkursa g. Kiyev
1986 – priz Vsesoyuznogo konkursa «Sovetskiy komitet zashchity mira» g. Moskva
1983 – medal' k 1500-letiyu g.Kiyeva
1982 – uchastiye v itogovoy vystavke mezhdunarodnogo
poster competition "Olympiad 80"

1998 - participation in the international competition of the emblem "Twin Cities", Kyoto,
1988 - the first prize of the city competition in Kiev
1986 - the prize of the All-Union competition "Soviet Committee for the Protection of Peace", Moscow
1983 - Medal for the 1500th anniversary of the city of Kiev
1982 - participation in the final exhibition of the international poster competition "For Peace and
            Humanism ", Moscow
1980 - participation in the final exhibition of the international poster competition "Olympiad 80"

vwspaper "His colourful Carpathiansc Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art, the Museum of History of Kyiv, the Kyiv Museum of Cultural Heritage, the "Getman's capital" museum of Baturyn State Historical and Cultural Park.

Private collections (over 3 works):

Ksenia Maryniak, Edmonton

David Herman, New York

Ykov Kravets, Jerusalem

Igor Breskin, Toronto

Zubkov, Kyiv Kyiv

Remnyov, Kyiv

Kozachenko, Kyiv

Tytynnik, Kyiv

Eric Connelly, Washington

Phil Bourn, Washington

Megan Connelly, Washington

Demyanchenko, Moskow

Oleksandra Malinovska, Kyiv

Nikishin, Kyiv



2015 - HT ArtMagazine Publishing;

2014 - envelopes with an image of "The Dignity Revolution" painting by Breskin went on sale;

2013 - State Of The Art, Artist's Book;

2010 - Ukrainian catalogue "Artists of Modern Times"

30.04.2010 - "Democratic Ukraine" newspaper - "Coloured Paths of Alexander Breskіn";

2010 – a documentary about the artistic work of A.Breskin "Harmony of Illuminated Colours" on the UTR International TV channel;

7.08.2008 - "Science and the Society" journal, "The Paths Leading to the Sky" article;

2008 - "Ukrainian culture" magazine №2, "The Colours of His Paths"

19.10.2007 - "Democratic Ukraine" newspaper, "The Colours of His Paths"

6.09.2007 - "The Worker's Newspaper" "The Colours of His Roads"

2007 - "The  Colours of My Paths" documentary on the UTR International TV channel;

2006 - "Ukrainian culture" magazine №7, "Singing Colour".

2005 - "Ukraine" magazine №2, print of "Revival 2004" painting

29.01.2003 - "The Day" newspaper, "The Affecting Artist"

20.04.2002 - "The News of Chernobyl" newspaper, "The Chernobyl Sketches"

4.06.2003 - "The People's Newspaper", "Coloured paths of Breskіn"

2002-2003 - "Who is Who” (Kyiv and the Regions) catalogue

2002 - "Ukraine" magazine №11, "The Whisper of the Wind, listened in by the brush"

5.04.2001 - "The Youth of Ukraine" newspaper, " The Whisper of the Wind, listened in by the brush"

21.06.1997  - "The Voice of Ukraine" newspaper, "The Music of colour"

1997 – a post stamp produced with the picture by A.Breskin "Sophia of Kyiv"

1.03.1997 - "The Day" newspaper, "The Mystery of Light and Color"

10.01.1997 - "Chas-Time» newspaper, "Paintings of Light and Life"

4.07.1996 - "the News from Ukraine" ne


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