CV KAPLAN GAROLD was born in 1968 in Novosibirsk, a kindergarten, a school, an army, in 1992 he graduated from the Electrotechnical Institute (electronics engineer), I live and work in Moscow. Artist-poet. Participated in the "wild" exhibitions 1990-1995, (initiator wild # 3), illustrator of the last three numbers of the almanac "GREEN" 1989-1991. Illustrations in newspapers, magazines, books 1988-1997. Participated in the exhibition "17 invisible" in 1994, in the exhibition "Golden Toad" 1996 (Novosibirsk), in the "Jubilee" exhibition 1997 (special unit number 5 - Sobering-up station - to the centenary of the sobering-up system in Russia). Personal. Exhibitions: 1989 NETI 1990 NIIZhT 1991 NISI 1993 "At Lucy" (apartment exhibition at the poetess Yu. Pivovarova), part of the work abroad (Brazil, Australia, etc. - more than 20 countries). Frontier publisher, participant of mail-art projects since 1994.
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