CV lyas Phaizulline was born at August 15, 1950 in Tetyushi city on Volga River. After
finishing a musical-art-pedagogical secondary school in 1970 he has visited the class of a
figure in Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture by I.E.Repin in St. Petersburg
city. He is a painter and drawner.

Ilyas is a Member of Union of Arts of Russia and Tatarstan Republic. Also he is a
member of Art Associations Internationale A.I.A.P. UNESCO.

Ilyas lives and works from the city of Kazan, Russia where some of his works are
permanently displayed in the National Museum of Tatarstan Republic. His art is
principally that of a classical realist and maintain the same techniques and standards of the
Old Masters and mentors such as Velasquez, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo. In this gallery
you will find more than one hundred representations of work from his early period until the

Artworks by Ilyas Phaizulline you can find in private collections of Spain, Italy and
England. Some of his historical artworks were purchased by the Ministry of Culture to
exposition in National Museum of Tatarstan Republic. Several paintings were purchased
for the Kazan Kremlin.
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