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Art of Carlos Pardo . Arte de Carlos Pardo

He starts painting in 1998, always ready to learn and investigate new fields and new techniques of graphic expression. He currently uses oil painting, though part of his work is based on a mixed technique, tempera, acrylic on cardboard, wood or canvas.

In his imaginary urban landscapes there are overlaid elements of towns he has visited, some imagined, and maybe dreamed, but all with a unique feminine soul.
The Town is a mother, lover, or daughter of the actions, dreams and passions of those who dwell in them or recall them in the distance. It is an idea in which wander those who have been caught up in its infinite labyrinth.
"I think that since Art is an activity essentially human, it is difficult to separate it from thinking and feelings, form our own life."

The author proposes a trip through the Town, seen from the traveller's point of view, ... >>
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