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When we reach the future
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Carlos Pardo

65 / 92 cmMeans of expressionPainting
850 €GenreLandscape
Mediumoil on canvas

The Astonished Past comes to attend the Present. Did I have a dream or was a regression to a previous life?. From Dirigibles Era, only for a second we could see the Future where the peace and clean environment was possible. Carlos Pardo

Carlos Pardo  (2015-05-03 06:25:30 GMT)
Hi Mara: Thank you for your words.Just for a moment these peolple (all us) in the past can touch a seconds of virtual Future and watch how it will be.
Mara  (2010-01-31 20:59:59 GMT)
hey, is this our earth in the future, or a trip in the space? I like the imagination in your pictures.

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