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When did you start to be interested in art? Why did you choose to draw?

I started to draw literally from the cradle (I have been 1.5 - 2 years old) and I still haven't stoped.

Do you remember your first artwork, what was it like?

My first drawings were painted on the flyleaf of children's books and painted snake creatures with many legs, creeping over the mountains.

What are your favourite topics and why? Is there anything you would not depict? What are your favourite topics and why? Is there anything you would not depict?

Main theme is God, Man and the City. Home philosophical doctrine in my work - Panpsihizm, the inspiration of all things.

How education has influenced your creativity and changed your professional way?

Art education (secondary and higher) has accelerated my professional development as an artist. Self education - this is the most important thing for a creative person. I read a lot, a lot of looking at art museums in Russia and in Europe.

A creative and professional way has been always the only one for me and I had never turned aside.

From which authors do you get inspiration?

Russian avant-garde, Cubism, Russian Cubo-Futurism, Italian Futurism. Artists: Kandinsky, P. Filonov, K. Malevich, J. Marriage, J. Gries, D. Balla, U. Boccioni, and many others +

What, do you think is the place of visual arts in today's life? Do you think art can influence the public life?

I think that the position of art in our time is much lost. And his place, unfortunately, more than a modest.

Do you think that nationality has its place in art?

Humanity in general does not matter what is the nationality of a great artist. But for the nation, people, of course, it is important to have his genius.

Which books are you reading lately?

The Bible and New Testament, specialized books on art, critical articles, poems.

Are there any projects you are working on at the moment?

I always work. There are many subjects that I have started, such as: "Those streets," "City," "Reflections," "Sight", which I continue. Projects in the understanding of today's curators I am not involved and in their projects I do not participate. I'm not interested.

How do you see your future?

How do I see my future? Widely recognized and famous after my death :)))

Would you say in one sentence what is the art for you?

Art for me - it is life, this is the air that I breathe +

People need art and they are continuously looking for it

I love to document, especially in an ironical or even satirical way, whatever happens in the world

Painting is not a profession, painting is a state of mind

Art - constant evolution and discovery

The memory is mother of muse

Еducation has influenced my creativity
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