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Do you remember your first artwork, what was it like?

The first image, that I can define as an artwork, was a drawing of a flowering cherry. I still keep it.

What are your favourite topics and why? Is there anything you would not depict?

I am interested mostly in human frame of mine, but I also like to observe the changes of the objects in the space. In my last paintings I drew abstract images. Is there any painting I wouldn’t draw? I think it’s an ethic question. Where are my boundaries? What could make me break them?

How education has influenced your creativity and changed your professional way?

My professional education began from my High School and I can say that developed my way. After 9 years in the school it was really hard to me to find myself as an artist – there were so many different influences - I believe that is the dark site of the education. After I graduateted I stopped to draw for a few weeks. I was succeed in jumping a precipice, but I had to go forward. The subject for the originality is complicated, because we are all part of a enormous organism and we depend on each other. We ourselves are reflections as well as the art.

From which authors do you get inspiration?

I love artists like Klimt, Egon Schiele, Lucian Freud, Paul Klee, also the american abstract expressionism. I would like to mantion Dechko Uzunov, Vladimir Dimitrov — Maistora and Dimitar Kazakov – artists that are not so famous all around the world, but they deserve their noteworthy place in the history of art.

What, do you think is the place of visual arts in today's life? Do you think art can influence the public life?

Art always was the most precise measure of the civilization, the most sensitive instrument for reading the movements in the society, But I think that its influence is the same as every other human activity, because art itself is also human activity.

Do you think that nationality has its place in art?

The nationality has its place in art. Should it be like that is another question.

Which books are you reading lately?

I read a few books of Kasandsakis and The Brothers Karamazov.

Are there any projects you are working on at the moment?

In my last works I tried to reduce the ways of expresions. I used bigger canvas in order to reach more monumental suggestions.

How do you see your future?

I move in my own way and I only hope for luck. I use the things that life offers and I avoid making future plans.

Art defines us as humans

Art comes from our hearts

Art for me is a life

Art is great expressive strength

Art is a self-transcendence

Jukka Nopsanen

I think art can influence the mind of a human being
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