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When did you start to be interested in art? Why did you choose to draw?

I don't remember when I began to draw, but there are a lot of drawings in my house, that my mother had dated. And the dates show I was 3-4 years old.

Do you remember your first artwork, what was it like?

I don’t remember my first work, but I remember I liked to draw cars and airplanes on printer’s paper.

What are your favourite topics and why? Is there anything you would not depict? What are your favourite topics and why? Is there anything you would not depict?

My favourites subjects are from the inside world. I translate the Beatles’ song “Fool on the Hill”: “In eyes in my head I see how the Earth turns on.” I don’t like to depict landscapes, bunch of flowers and vases.

How education has influenced your creativity and changed your professional way?

The education is diferent from my way as an artist. There is no Google Maps for the directions in life…

From which authors do you get inspiration?

The inspiration comes from qualities, not from authors themselves. I like a lot of contemporary artists and I learn from each of them. I didn’t like Galleria degli Uffizi. I visited Tate Modern two times for a week. I watched Dali’s art in Sofia, in Istanbul and London. I’m really keen on Pollock and Rothko. I was very excited from Miro Foundation in Barcelona. And from Picasso Gallery with his youth paitings. I was going about the Venice Biennale more than a week. In Bulgaria I like Nedko Solakov and many others…

What, do you think is the place of visual arts in today's life? Do you think art can influence the public life?

I would like to influence the public life with my paintings.

Do you think that nationality has its place in art?

We all have the same nationality - Homo sapiens. And this has its place in art.

Which books are you reading lately?

The books from series “Galaxy Library”.

Would you say in one sentence what is the art for you?

My art is my philosophy.

It is important for the nation to have his genius

Today the Role of Fine Art is as Small as Never Before

I paint to breathe

My Art Is My Philosophy

I have two higher educations, but none of them influenced at my creativity effectively

ART - a great gift of God given us to cleanse our souls and strengthen the forces of our spirit!
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