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Peter Popovsky

Art and social life are interrelated and influence each other.

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Peter Popovsky
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When did you start to be interested in art? Why did you choose to draw?

I became interested in art when I was a student at the university. Later I worked as a psychologist in the university. I began painting systematically 10 years later.

Do you remember your first artwork, what was it like?

My first art work was a copy of "St. Trinity" by A. Rublev.

What are your favourite topics and why? Is there anything you would not depict?

Landscape is my favorite. I think that the effect of childhood that took place in nature.

How education has influenced your creativity and changed your professional way?

My art is affected only from myself education and the environment with artists. My professional way has been changed.

Do you think that nationality has its place in art?

I do not think that nationality has its place in art if I understand correctly the question.

From which authors do you get inspiration?

I get inspiration from the work of many good artists, but the names of these authors are changing.

What, do you think is the place of visual arts in today's life? Do you think art can influence the public life?

I think that art and social life are interrelated and influence each other.

Which books are you reading lately?

I am attracted by scientific books.

Are there any projects you are working on at the moment?

At a given period of preparing to travel with easel.

How do you see your future?

Fortunately my hopes do not disappear, so the future is tempting.

Would you say in one sentence what is the art for you?

I think that art for me is also a way of self-realization.

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