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For me art is a language that I can most accurately use to express my feelings.

Interview with the artist of the week -
Irena Aizen
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When did you start to be interested in art? Why did you choose to draw?

As much as I remember. Several generations of my family have devoted themselves to art, therefore the whole atmosphere at home has contributed to my creative development from early childhood.

Do you remember your first artwork, what was it like?

The first work, I remember, was a portrait of my first school teacher. Fortunately, this artwork wasn’t seen by my teacher, but my family found it quite funny.

What are your favourite topics and why? Is there anything you would not depict?

Among the favorite themes - psychology of human relationships, the mapping of a child naive perception of the world, continuing, as I think, in each of us till the end of our life. Most of all I am interested in artworks that cause feelings of horror, disaster, violence, regardless of style and technique.

How education has influenced your creativity and changed your professional way?

I have graduated at Yaroslavl Art School, one of the founders of which was my grandfather, Sergei Arsenevich Matveev. I still feel grateful to the teachers, who gave a good basis for my further development.

Do you think that nationality has its place in art?

Certainly! The home place, nationality, traditions of the family and society, nature, architecture – all of these factors have their influence upon personal development, as well as creativity.

From which authors do you get inspiration?

I'm a big fan of the early Renaissance, especially the German school. One of my favorite artists - Memling.

What, do you think is the place of visual arts in today's life? Do you think art can influence the public life?

I think that nowadays the art, including visual, migrates from spiritual realm to commercial one. The value of modern art is largely determined by the laws of art business. and business laws are quite a different plane than the laws of art. In this world everything is interconnected, so that the indirect influence of art on public life is undoubtedly. But what is it effect ... I am afraid that is not always positive.

Which books are you reading lately?

I don’t have enough time to read books, but listening audiobooks is often background of my working day. I prefer Russian classics.

Are there any projects you are working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m working on the preparation of my solo-exhibition in the Latvian Museum of Naïve Art, which will take place on May 2011 in Riga.

How do you see your future?

I don’t try to see the future, I try to be satisfied from the present day.

Would you say in one sentence what is the art for you?

For me art is a language that I can most accurately use to express my feelings.

Art could influence people, if they want to see it

People need art and they are continuously looking for it

I love to document, especially in an ironical or even satirical way, whatever happens in the world

Painting is not a profession, painting is a state of mind

Art - constant evolution and discovery

The memory is mother of muse
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