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When did you start to be interested in art?

I have been interested in art since I attended the “Istituto d’Arte” of Pesaro, where I lernt the painting and drawing techniques. During my studies I painted some works but of a scholastic level. After wards I have been interested in surrealistic movement and studied painters as Dali`, Magritte, De Chirico etc.

What are your favorites topics and why?

I prefer reading articles about art, art-exhibitions and I like visiting museums and art galleries because I thing that seeing other artist’s work is necessary to refine one’s painting technique and to widen the vision of history of art.

What, do you think is the place of visual arts in today’s life?

I’m a three-dimensional designer -teacher at the “Istituto d’Arte” of Monza. My work consist of making wooden models in the field of design together with my students .This work let me apply new shapes and geometrical structures to my works. In my painting you can find geometrical structures and Human figures that proportion the whole painted scene.

From which authors do you get inspiration?

At the beginning of my artistic career I was been inspired by my favorite artists, the great Surrealist painters, but now I have created my own style and I always look for new formal and expressive ways.

Would you say in one sentence what is the art for you?

I think art is great expressive strength and it can influence our life. In my life art has a great importance: it is a continuous challenge to create new works that try to involve people emotionally and visually. Art is a continuous search that I apply to my projects. In addition to the painted image I insert on the surface curved or inclined planes. The following text will briefly explain my painting technique and the philosophy of my style.

His own personal painting technique – gained by means of acrylic colors on canvas and of precise perspective design – changes remote skylines into living moments, captured from the surrounding space. The stage-like depth of his work glides in shades toward the focal point with nuances drawn from renaissance painting. In the foreground , instead, architecture is the metre that prevails over these partly fantastic, partly real compositions , with constituent parts like loggias , oblique arches and twisted standards. Typical is the presence of human body, that seals the proportion of everything and that becomes the focus of the whole scene ,where an unreal anatomy and the study of every single muscle help creating the whole beauty of creation.

ART - a great gift of God given us to cleanse our souls and strengthen the forces of our spirit!

Art must influence public life otherwise we are not a public, a people, we will have not existed

Art is the weapon, love the target

I think that people should respect their nationality

Art always was the most precise measure of the civilization

Art is knowledge
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