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When you became interested in art? Why did you choose to paint?

I started to draw even at preschool age 2-6 years in kindergarten. Even then started painting fascinated me most. I remember how the teacher taught us to draw an elephant with ovals, ovals, and then connect the lines. Ibid we already talked about the 19 th century artists, Levitan, Savrasov, Shishkin, Perov and others show reproductions of their paintings. But when we drew on the free theme, the boys drew more war with planes and tanks, while girls more fairy .Jprincesses in beautiful dresses Coming 7 years - school. There were more opportunities and proposals, so I was in music school to play the accordion in 10-12 years, and at art school in the 13-16 years before enrolling at art school, and school sports, judo, in 10-15 years. Everywhere was very interesting to learn, and there were real victories and achievements, but I felt that open up in full force and effect can only art!

Do you remember your first job, that he was?

Now, of course, I remember for this work with a smile, but in 8 years for me it was a breakthrough in the !Jrelations between me and art, I would say we have to talk to YOU It was an ordinary drawing lesson, the topic is free. In my head did not occur, as time passed ... And then I decided to paint what I see, the more I sat by the window and our school number 38 was on a hill, so that the view was excellent! And I drew from life, for the first time in my life! The result was a great urban , well, the higher the ball, and drawing teacherJlandscape of the Soviet era picked for the show!

What are your favorite themes and why? Is there anything you would not portray?

The priority themes in the art consider it a topic related to the MAN! I am interested in strong-willed characters, personality, able to create, build, and above all - to love in spite of everything and everybody! People looking for truth and harmony in this world and found IT! Those who are invisible for us to make every day and every hour of their life-affirming Feats and Victory over the weaknesses of the human soul and body!

I consider it beneath his dignity to portray, let alone sing anything that kills a human in us: corruption, greed, cowardice, meanness, cruelty and other vices leading to the destruction of not only the best in the human soul, but ultimately very human population as a form of life on Earth!

As education influenced your creativity and changed their professional path?

The main influence on my vision of my work has had a favorite teacher, Natalia Vasilieva (1939-2010), an art school in Chisinau, thanks to her I not only began to understand art and its purpose, but she began to build and create. Most importantly, it taught me a very necessary and important that I came in very handy in the future: the ability to learn - to set goals and execute it, it is this ability really helped me to further develop and refine their skills and help so far!

From which authors do you get inspiration?

There are a number of authors and works from the Antiquity and the Renaissance, the power and life-affirming philosophy, which I adore, but the main influence on me had a realist artists 19 th century with his sincerity and depth of empathy.

What do you think it is a place of fine arts in contemporary life? Do you think art can affect social life?

Art gives us hope, helps us find ourselves in this world is a source of inspiration and gives the only correct answer to the many complex issues that arise during the development of human civilization! A highly developed art has always been the main feature of a high degree of development of civilization!

Do you think that nationality has its place in art?

Of course, yes!
Knowing where we come from and studying the history of the native people, we can easily find their careers in the future, to reveal their spiritual possibilities and potential! For progress is possible only in a free spirit, and this requires a choice and the choice is only possible while maintaining the maximum diversity of the cultures of the human heritage, rather than trying to standardize everything from customs to thinking! For me, different people like different colors in the palette using their diversity, I have the opportunity to create, the unification of flowers is at best to black and white pictures in the worst of "gray square.

What books are you reading lately?

Now I'm fascinated by the study of books Dmitri Cantemir. Book Moldavia Dmitry Cantemir called "Description of Moldova". In 1714 he was elected a member of the Berlin Academy of Sciences and its offer to write a book about his native land, its history and customs. This book is very well reveal the image moldovanina, the glorious past of Moldova, the origin of language. So I really want to find a description of the exploits and victories over the aggressive and ruthless Turkish conquerors, another great Ruler of Moldova, Stefan sat Mare, called "In short written chronicle of Stephen, by the grace of God the Ruler of the Moldovan and Wallachia countries. She resurrects the events that took place since 1457 till 1499 years. In the late 15 th century it was in German, one of the unknown gospodarevyh lancers. He was a mercenary - legionnaire, when it comes to today's language. But, serving in a foreign country, imbued with its national spirit. And much of interest described as an eyewitness and participant hikes Stefan Voda.
Original Chronicle in 1502 gave the Moldovan embassy in Nuremberg. In Germany, our countrymen have arrived for the doctor to the patient Ruler, which this chronicle, as a kind of press release and presented the German public. True, zabugornye doctor helped a little - two years later the great ruler died.

Are there any projects you are working at the moment?

At the moment I'm writing now connected with the history of the Moldovan people, as well as nurturing the ideas and collecting material for more than 10 paintings - those descended upon me ideas I perceive as the wishes of the Lord with reverence and take them into his soul, and when they mature to the highest emotional and spiritual terms, immediately bear them on the canvas!
Despite what I'm talking about God, I'm not a preacher, but only a simple, modest Moldovan artist without titles and regalia, I'm just very much indebted to Almighty God for all he has done for me and to the extent of their capabilities and forces in the spiritual among other things, try to repay him, not all the same Caesar!

How do you see your future?

I hope my work will be so strong, thanks to our Lord, that I could afford a smile to remember today's paintings, !Jlike today, I smile, remembering the image made in 8 years But all the will of God!

Can you say in one sentence, it's art for you?

ART - a great gift of God given us to cleanse our souls and strengthen the forces of our spirit!

ART - a great gift of God given us to cleanse our souls and strengthen the forces of our spirit!

Art must influence public life otherwise we are not a public, a people, we will have not existed

Art is the weapon, love the target

I think that people should respect their nationality

Art always was the most precise measure of the civilization

Art is knowledge
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